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    Keani Abiega, a freshman Dance Major at The Ohio State University. Originally from Miami, Florida, she has been dancing since the age of 2, but began choreographing at age 15. Abiega is an alumni from American Heritage, a well known performing arts high school in Broward County. Currently, she is one of the founders for the Patriot Dancers Dance Team. Not only is Abiega a founder, but she was also awarded dance caption from sophomore year through senior year of high school. In addition, Abiega was recognized at both a regional and national level while traveling with her competitive dance company at Performance Edge Dance Complex. She has taught at numerous competitive dance studios not only in Florida, but also in Ohio. Aside from dancing, Abiega took part in numerous commercials, music videos, and modeled for several dance wear brands as well as bathing suit companies. Following graduation from The Ohio State University, Abiega's main goal is to dance and choreograph at a professional level. 

Artistic Statement

   Being a choreographer and dancer, I aspire to explore the relationship between the dancers themselves as well as the musical influences, for both aspects hold great value when connecting to the audience. Drawn to authenticity and vulnerability, I find interest in working with dancers who encompass inner strength and clear artistic values. I aim to create comfortable and natural movement, for I believe movement should not always be driven by music. In my determination, I believe dancers grow and thrive when they lose themselves within the movement. I cherish the connection the dancers share with the audience while performing on stage. However, I wish to fabricate meaningful art for the dancers performing, as well as the audience members watching. I aspire to always push myself, be true to who I am as an artist, and avoid limiting myself to comfortable movement. Dance to me is about bringing meaning, beauty, possibility, inspiration, and hope into a concrete world. I dance because it makes me who I am, for dance makes me whole. 


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